We always advise our clients to make a Will – it is the only way of ensuring that your possessions are distributed the way you wish after you pass away.

Making a Will allows you to leave specific gifts to your loved ones, and make adequate provision for those who depend on you.

Making a Will is not as straightforward as many believe, and in order to ensure your Will truly reflects your final wishes, you require the services of an experienced Wills lawyer.

Here, at Gloria James-Civetta & Co, our Wills and Estate lawyers will utilise their extensive experience and assist you in a friendly, no-nonsense manner.

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I Want to Make a Will

We strongly advise that you engage a lawyer to draft your Will. Many people attempt to write their own Will and fail to recognise how complex the process of distributing an estate can be. A homemade Will is unlikely to cover all your possessions and be sophisticated enough to truly reflect your wishes. It may also be vulnerable to challenge, especially if it fails to meet the formal legal requirements. Only a seasoned Wills solicitor can ensure your Will withstands scrutiny, meets the proper legal requirements and reflects how you wish for your estate to be distributed.

Your Will should outline how you wish your estate to be distributed after you pass away, and also appoints who you want to be in charge of distributing your estate. Your ‘estate’ is comprised of everything that you own, including property, investments and personal possessions. You can make provision in your Will for these assets to be distributed according to your wishes. You can also deal with other matters in your Will, including who you wish to be the guardian of any surviving dependants such as children, as well as your preferred funeral arrangements.

I Want to Change my Will

Changing your Will to reflect your circumstances is just as important as making a Will in the first place. You should consider changing your Will if the size of your estate changes or where the relationships in your life have been altered substantially, for example, if you enter into a new relationship, a relationship comes to mean more to you or where a relationship significantly deteriorates.

You should keep in mind that if you get married, any Will that you have made prior to the marriage will automatically become invalid unless you have outlined in the Will that you intend to marry. On the other hand, if you divorce, any Will you made prior to the divorce will remain valid. Under these circumstances, you may wish to consider changing your Will to reflect your new circumstances.

Your lawyer will be able to advise you on whether an additional legal document known as a codicil will be sufficient to change your Will, or if you should make a new will entirely. We strongly advise against altering a will yourself by cancelling certain portions or adding sentences. If the alterations you make do not comply with legitimate procedure, it may invalidate your Will.

I Want to Contest a Will

Under certain circumstances, you may wish to contest the Will of a loved one who has passed away. Under the law of Singapore, you may contest a Will in only a limited number of circumstances, such as where you were dependent on the deceased and their Will does not adequately provide for you.

In order to contest a Will on this basis, you must make an application for a maintenance order to alter the distribution of the estate of the deceased. It is important to note that you should make this application no later than 6 months after the execution of the Will. The Inheritance (Family Provision) Act sets out the circumstances under which you can contest a Will, including who qualifies as a dependent. It should be taken into consideration that this Act does not apply to Muslims.

When determining whether you should be granted maintenance, the court will consider:

(a) your past, present or future financial situation;

(b) your conduct in relation to the deceased;

(c) whether or not the deceased intentionally avoided leaving a part of his estate to you; and,

(d) any other relevant matters.

Contesting a Will can be a complex matter and one which can cause difficulties in the family. However, these difficulties are significantly reduced when you instruct a Wills lawyer with great experience in handling such cases tactfully and with respect. Contact our team today for advice about contesting a Will in Singapore.

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