At GJC, our experienced team of employment contract lawyers is ready to offer comprehensive and efficient services to corporate and individual clients on the drafting and vetting of employment contracts, and the resolution and settlement of employment contract disputes. Our team have years of experience in advising and representing different types of clients across all areas of corporate and commercial practice. Contact our experienced corporate and commercial lawyers today to find out what we can do for you and your business.

At GJC we provide other services such as :

  • Drafting and reviewing of commercial agreements
  • Advising and drafting of employment contracts and employers` handbook.
  • Advising employers and employees on their rights under the applicable laws and regulations.
  • Advising on disputes arising from employment and commercial agreements.

Corporate and Commercial Law, Singapore

Commercial law covers a wide range of legal areas relating to businesses, corporate law and commercial property. Our lawyers look to build relationships with our clients to better understand their business requirements and assist them with all of their corporate and commercial needs. Listed below are some of the main areas in which our lawyers can help you.


We are able to draft and vet all kinds of commercial contracts, ensuring that your intentions are communicated accurately, and your commercial contracts provide you with the protection you need to ensure your business runs smoothly. We not only draft general commercial contracts, but also contracts of employment. We will ensure your employment contracts are up to date and in line with current employment law and MOM regulations whilst also protecting your business` interests.

Resolution and Settlement of Disputes arising from Employment Contracts and Related disputes

Our dedicated team of Employment lawyers can also assist both business employers and individual employees in dealing with issues arising from the termination and/or disputes on the terms of an employment contract. Our team has substantial experience in working with senior executives to manage, settle and resolve termination of employment and related employment disputes.

At your first meeting with us and after hearing your situation, we will advise you whether:

  • To write to the other party to hold a Without Prejudice Meeting to discuss the issues with a view to settle the matter;
  • To invite the other party to resolve the dispute amicably through private mediation;
  • To issue a Letter of Demand to ask for specific performance of a clause of the contract or damages for a breach of the contract ; or
  • To pursue any other cause of action to protect your rights and interests in the matter.

GJC Law – Corporate and Commercial Law Lawyers, Singapore

In the fast-paced world of business, you need a corporate law team you can rely on. Our team have experience in dealing with all kinds of business entities across a number of sectors. We also like to build good working relationships with our clients to better understand their needs and the sectors in which they operate. We feel this deeper understanding allows us to provide legal services that make great commercial sense for our clients. We pride ourselves on meeting our client’s needs in a timely and responsive manner, we know that business moves quickly and our team work with agility to facilitate and safeguard your interests. If your business requires legal advice to ensure that it is operating within the law, call us to set up an appointment with one of our commercial & corporate lawyers.

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