Postnuptial Agreements – Verbal Agreements Between Spouses

Essentially, postnuptial agreements are agreements entered into by married couples to determine issues upon divorce such as the division of matrimonial assets, maintenance and child-related issues. There 3 key points to note: Whether postnuptial agreements are enforceable Whether it makes a difference if the agreement was made verbally Whether the attempt to reconcile affects the […]

Appropriate Adult Schemes in Singapore

There are two types of Appropriate Adult Schemes in Singapore: Appropriate Adult Scheme for suspects with intellectual disabilities Appropriate Adult Scheme for young suspects under 16 years old Who is this for? As outlined above, there are currently two schemes. One of the schemes are intended for suspects with intellectual disabilities – such as people […]

How are Assets Divided in Divorce?

The most commonly asked question during divorce enquiries is how assets are divided during a divorce. This article offers general guidelines on how Courts in Singapore decide asset division. This is a complex process, and you can approach specialist divorce lawyers to give you specific advice for your situation. Mediation In the most ideal situation, […]

Implications of Annulment

Unlike a divorce, an annulment results in the marriage being treated as not having existed. As a result, some of the subsequent effects of an annulment differ from that of a divorce. This may be particularly so with regards to status of children, maintenance payments and property. Status of children The primary issue concerns the […]


The Adoption of Children Act (Cap. 4, 2012 Rev. Ed.) governs the adoption of infants in Singapore.

Property Law

Property Disputes actions are usually commenced in the High Court, as it requires the High Court

Sports Law

The commercial nature of sports means that they have a requirement for legal representation.