How do I Prove Adultery for Divorce Purposes?

High Threshold of Proof In Singapore, one of the ways to get a divorce is to prove that “your spouse has committed adultery and you find it intolerable to live with him or her.” Adultery is committed when a person engages in sexual intercourse (which refers to penetration) with someone other than his/her spouse. The […]

Prenuptial Agreements FAQ`s

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New Laws for Grab and Uber Drivers

Amidst the slew of alternative modes of transportation come two very familiar powerhouses on Singapore’s roads, both vying for a share of the private hire-car pie. These are none other than Grab and Uber.

Care and Control – Father or Mother

In granting care and control to one parent, factors that a court may take into consideration include the gender of the parent, continuity of living arrangements for the child and the lifestyle of each parent.

Criminal Force & Assault – s350 and 351 of the Penal Code

When is a person guilty of using “criminal force”? Criminal force under Section 350 is a charge that is taken very seriously in Singapore. This is especially when criminal force is used in furtherance of sexual crimes such as outrage of modesty or in cases of wrongful confinement as well as cases which deter a […]


The Adoption of Children Act (Cap. 4, 2012 Rev. Ed.) governs the adoption of infants in Singapore.

Property Law

Property Disputes actions are usually commenced in the High Court, as it requires the High Court

Sports Law

The commercial nature of sports means that they have a requirement for legal representation.

Joint and Mutual Wills

Gloria James-Civetta & Co There are various types of wills. The more common types in Singapore are simple wills, joint wills and mutual wills.

Will Writing Services

A Will with 2 Executors An executor is someone that you appoint and name in your Will to administer your estate and distribute your assets after you have passed on.