International Divorce in Singapore

Married business and professional couples are increasingly spending time living overseas.

Expanding globalization has meant that the family model with only one permanent resident in a country is becoming more and more frequent.

In Singapore this can mean that either party may reside in another country, hold joint property or have business interests and other assets abroad.

It may also involve one parent wanting to relocate with children abroad.

All expat divorce cases are unique and require an approach that is tailored to their particular circumstances.

Our beliefs centre around:

  • strong communication between our lawyers and client in order to attain our client’s goals
  • presenting our client with money-saving alternatives to expensive court room battles such as mediation and the Collaborative Divorce Process
  • thorough research and preparation for every case right from the word go

For the purposes of jurisdiction in Singapore, expats may only divorce in Singapore if they meet the 3 year marriage bar; that is, they have been married for at least 3 years and either party has resided in Singapore for at least 3 years.

You need a team that is highly experienced in dealing with international divorce cases which involve cross-border and international aspects.

Our team of dedicated family law practitioners, headed by principal partner Ms Gloria James-Civetta, includes accredited family and matrimonial law mediators and collaborative practice lawyers.

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International Alliance

Gloria James-Civetta & Co are very pleased to announce the formation of our strategic alliance with Sayer Jones, a leading law firm located in Melbourne with extensive experience in Family Law.

This Strategic Alliance has been formed to provide a comprehensive Cross-border Family Law solution platform, servicing the ever growing South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) market.

Our combined legal services team is well placed to deliver comprehensive Family Law solutions.

GJC Law and Sayer Jones have implemented a combined professional development program for our lawyers which has been successfully rolled out over the past 12 months.

This has included a joint CPD program and a ‘lawyer exchange’, both of which have been a resounding success. The continued integration of these programs, and their expansion, is one of the Strategic Alliance’s primary goals.

Through our combined experience, unified strength and vision, GJC Law and Sayer Jones are able to provide immediate and comprehensive assistance in all areas of International Cross-border Divorces, including Asset protection & division and child custody issues.

At Gloria James-Civetta & Co we help expat couples and individuals achieve their long-term goals in the least acrimonious manner. We have one of the largest teams of divorce lawyers in Singapore equipped with the necessary resources, alliances and manpower to handle the complexities of an expat divorce.

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