Choosing the right divorce lawyer can be challenging for anyone contemplating divorce. Personal, practical, and financial issues can make the process of divorce difficult, but ultimately these matters need resolution if you both are to move on with your lives.

“Whatever your situation, our family law practitioners are here to offer you sensitive, easy-to-understand, and cost-effective legal advice.”

At Gloria James-Civetta & Co, we have a large team of divorce lawyers equipped with the necessary experience, resources, and manpower to handle even the most complex local and International divorces.

Working with our team of matrimonial lawyers offers several significant benefits that can help smooth the divorce journey and allow you to start your new life faster.

The key advantages that a team of matrimonial lawyers offers:

  • Experience in a Variety of Fields
  • Consistent Legal Coverage
  • More Eyes and Ears
  • Wide Access to Resources
  • Affordability

We understand that your divorce matter needs to be handled carefully and with sensitivity.

“Our team of experienced Singapore divorce lawyers will help you to see the bigger picture through practical, realistic, and cost-effective legal advice.”

During your Free Consultation, our divorce lawyers will make your consultation as comfortable as possible and explain the following:

  • Assess if you meet the conditions to file for divorce in Singapore.
  • The different stages of the divorce process, through our customised divorce flow chart.
  • Address all the major issues that may apply, such as custody & support of any children, spousal support, division of assets, and debts.
  • Help you understand your legal rights, responsibilities, and issues applicable to you.
  • Answer any questions related to how the divorce process in Singapore works.
  • Help you explore your divorce options.
  • Offer you divorce literature for further reading.

When you contact our matrimonial law team, our divorce lawyers will provide you with a consultation tailored to your specific circumstances and goals in mind.

We aim to help minimise the impact that divorce will have on you and your family and make the process of divorce as stress-free as possible.

Our areas of practice include:

As well as being experienced litigators, our divorce and family lawyers are trained by the Singapore Mediation Centre for dispute resolution.

To facilitate swift divorce proceedings, we encourage our clients to consider alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as negotiation, collaborative divorce, and mediation. These are essential tools in resolving complicated financial disputes.

“Earlier settlement at a mediation/negotiation stage will keep legal fees to a minimum and prevent further undue stress or anxiety.”

Our principal partner, Ms Gloria James is an appointed;

  • Collaborative Family Practitioner
  • Child Representative Lawyer
  • Associate Mediator
  • Family Mediator

Unfortunately, not all cases are resolved at an early stage, and we will always advise you of the best-suited course of action for your circumstances.

If an amicable split is not possible, or your case is not suited to negotiations, we have the experience to represent you in court.

Also, we have written and developed the Singapore Divorce Lawyer & Expat Divorce blog sites to assist individuals and separating couples to learn about and understand all aspects related to the divorce process in Singapore.

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